The Pit


No, not me 

Poor Joseph being throw in to the pit by his brothers. The ones that should be loving him are the ones plotting to kill him. This seems so crazy but this is true. We all have had a “pit experience”  We may not have going into a physical pit but we  have been throw away by family because the call on our life is so strong that they become jealous or worse envies and look to harm us.

When we look at Joseph testimony he would telling us how he went from the pit  to the palace . Here is Joseph a 17 year old boy come to his father and brothers telling them that he would be a ruler of them someday.  The relationships between the brothers was not good from the begin. Jacob’s love for Rachel has spilled over onto his kids . It was no secret how much he loved her and now not having her  because she died during childbirth of  Benjamin (Genesis 35-16-18).

Jacob had a love for Joseph that made him hated by his brothers. Now he was no prince. He know that he was favored and decide to hold this over his brothers head. He flaunt his coat of many colors  and his dreams of him being a ruler over them.

They decided that they need to get rid  of this chosen spoiled  brat . They choice death but God choice life. When God has a plan for you no matter what others plan God plans will always  be fulfilled (Jeremiah 29:11).

No pit was going to hold Joseph back but instead  move him  forward in God’s plan.  Most of us when God calls us to begin to fulfill his plan we  want it to be in around  people we love.  God’s plan will not be in your comfort zone. God has to become our constant source of strength and guidance ( 2 Samuel  22:33). 

Not again  

God takes Joseph to Egypt and his life is once again challenge. Potiphar’s wife had a thing for this young man and she was willing to do another to get him in her bed. The problem was Joseph was a man of God with  integrity. He understood where he was and that sleeping with her would put him either  in prison or dead. He was able  to keep her off but only for a while.  She caught him literally with his pants down and he ran leaving his underwear  and her pride on the floor. She had no choice but to have him caught and harmed. Her husband  placed him  in prison  and  it just happened to be  the king’s prison. When God’s  favor  is upon you being hidden away is never an opportunity. You will show up in done season and for a time such as this as  .

 Prison to Palace 


God had to give Joseph some more  training. He was going to be a ruler during a famine and he was learning to listen to God in order to hear the truth. He would need to know when God was working and when men were given lip service. Something in  stressful situation we return back to flesh . We allow our feelings  to take over the character of God.  While in prison he finds favor with  the prison keeper and he begin to help with the prisoner.  His hurt of being discarded by his brother  and disrespected by his boss’s wife didn’t make him hard but helped him to see men pride and taught him him to listen and seek God words. Joseph understood  that it is not always your fault where you  but you should always be what God called you to be. Joseph was respected by the  prisoners and when they  started  having dreams they went to him. His interpretation were accurate. Then the  King had a dream and no one could  discern  it  The former prisoner told the King their is someone I know that came interpret your dream just like he did for me. The king request Joseph. Joseph was now in  the Palace giving the word of God to the king as Joseph put it “And Joseph answered Pharaoh, saying, It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace.

That answer of peace from God freed Joseph and place him as a ruler. His dream was coming  to pass. Trust God he will never fail (Deut. 31;8)

Mission Accomplished 

Joseph  was exactly where God had sent him. Not being his fathers favored but been God’s anointed. He was not being his brothers punching bag but  was being their helper . Joseph was a man who’s  integrity came  forth when his brothers came for food because of the famine. He feed them and love them. I am not going to go through  everything he did but there is two sentences I would like to go to Genesis 45: 4-5

And Joseph said unto his brethren, Come near to me, I pray you. And they came near. And he said, I am Joseph your brother, whom ye sold into Egypt.

Now therefore be not grieved, nor angry with yourselves, that ye sold me hither: for God did send me before you to preserve life.

He has told his brothers who  he was. He is the ruler of the famine (I call him that). He is the preserve of life. His dream was true and fair. He would be a ruler that they  would be serving . Joseph could have had his brothers killed but instead he loved  them. 

Do not allow the hurt and pain from your past keep you from your future. Your future is alright predestined by God and no one not even you can stop it. 

The Pit is not to stop you it is to grow you. 

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