The Accountability Circle

August stands for Accountability. They define the word accountability as a fact or condition of being accountable, responsible. We all have certain people, place, and things we are responsible for. Everyday responsibilities are part of life. We can’t get around it no matter how hard we try. The Accountability circle is a way of seeing how what we do in the world affects everything around us. The accountability circle comprises three people God, Others and You. I will show why this circle is important, and it goes to make us better and stronger.
 Accountability Circle.

God First 
God is the head of everything. There is not one thing created that he doesn’t know when, how or why.  There is not a gift or calling given without his approval. God knows why we are where and the road we will take. We may not know but God knows. There are several people in the Bible that questions God’s decision about choosing them for their assignments. Jeremiah is one. He was a young prophet insecure about his calling. God explained the  “Whys” in three powerful statements. 

1) I formed you.  God knows why we were created for this time. We are not an accident, mistake or surprise. We are his wonderful arrival. God formed us, not our parents. Yes, they had to make us but God predestined the time, place and the people that would be in our world. God’s plan was formed long before we got here trust he knows what he is doing.

2, I sanctified you.Being sanctified means to be set apart.  They separate us for certain things because they will negatively influence your assignment. God has set us apart. The assignment could not happen without you. The kingdom of God needs you to complete it. God told Jeremiah, and he is telling you too.  Another for sanctified means is approved.  God has approved you for your assignment. No matter what it is and who you will affect you we are approved for it.

3. I Ordained youGod has assigned everyone to do something for the kingdom. Whether you do, it is another factor. Some of us look at the mountain and complain about the climb and won’t go (Jonah). We think either we can’t, we aren’t good enough or just don’t want to do it. The assignment is your and you will complete it no matter what you think or do.

Others Second
The following scripture gives a clear understanding of how we are to help each other. Jesus the son of God our Savior tells us we need to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  You would think this would be easy. Loving myself how hard can that be. Inspect around we don’t love ourselves so disliking someone else is easy. We are unhappy with ourselves most of the time because we are looking at other people and judging our selves by that standard.  We have to learn that we are all different and God likes it that way. He loves diversity because it promotes growth. When I love you because you are my sisters and not because we grow up in the same neighbor I am showing the love of God. 

When I am loving others like myself I can encourage, enlighten and empower them. I can pray for them and not expect anything in return. I can assist them with food or money by telling someone else the good deed I did today. Loving my family means just that love them.

You, Third
Last but definitely not least you. We are the apple of God’s eye and we should also feel loved.  You were chosen, my sisters. He made you perfect for this assignment. He has been there from the beginning and will continue until the end. As we are a blessing to others God will send people to bless us as well. Jesus ministry did not run by him alone. He had 12 disciples. He had families that would allow him into their houses along the way to go to get a good meal and sleep from his long journeys  (Mary and Martha house to name one). Jesus had people that freely gave unto him without seeing him (Upper Room, the colt). Jesus was a minister too as well don’t forget John the Baptist Moses and Elijah and the angels. We have so many ways God will show up to bless us that being loved should never be a question. Trust that no matter us how much you give out God has a supply to restore you. 

Accountability is not just a  word it is an assignment.

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