Stand Up in your Liberty

   As the month of February comes to an end and we moving forward into March, I hope that your fears decease and your freedom increases.I hope that you are taking some time to get a better understand of what God desires for your life.  A life filled to the brim and overflowing with his freedom. The freedom to pursue the things that will make you happy. Not the life that others want for you but the life he created you to live.

    I started this month blogging about Fear. Fear can be a wonderful warning sign. It can be that little tug at the heart that lets you know when someone or something is not quite right. Fear in that instance is great. It becomes a  problem when you slow down or stop doing the will of God. When you refuse to do purpose. When you play the  “What-ifs” song over and over in your head. 
   Women of God don’t allow fear and his friends to lie to you. They will tell you what you can’t do, who you can’t be and why things aren’t for you. The lies that fear tells can and will keep you sitting in the backseat of your life as he drives you to nowhere blvd and why street.

   Freedom should become your best friend.We should partner with it. You should no longer be tied to stagnation and ineffectiveness. Make the  “I can’t ”  turn into ” I can”. Begin to depend on God constantly to show how to work out your destiny.  You will begin to walk free in the liberty of Christ. 
  I started this blog with an action scripture. We have to transform our minds from the fear factor to the faith factor.  The first action is to “Stand fast  therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free .”  I have a question though, and it might sound crazy but do you know you are free? I mean as  Christians there is a lot of bondage in the church. We are bound to religious organizations, church affiliations, denominations, church group or ministries. And the biggest bondage for women in the church is just being a woman.  I mean with all this bondage how can a woman be free in Christ. 

   As women of God and his image bearers (Genesis 1:27), we have a freedom that has nothing to do with the church you go to or your denomination. You are free because of your personal relationship with the Godhead. You can go to God and seat and sup with him. (Revaltion3:20)  You have an open door to the Kingdom as children of God to come and talk with him. (Galatians 4:7) As heir to the throne of grace(Hebrews 4:16) you can come boldly and ask what you will and the desires of your hearts will be given. The blood of Jesus covers you and the Holy Spirit lives in you and with that, you have sonship (John1: 12)With all of this, we are free and we should not and can’t be put back into bondage by no one.

   The last part is a daily task, “And be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage.” Be on your constant guard against anything that will try to come and put you back in bondage. Jesus addresses this issue in Matthew 12:43-45. He says that once a spirit leaves a man he goes looking for a new place to rest. If he can’t find one he will come back to the old place looking for a way in. Once in he will bring more sprits with him. 

 You have to be aware that the fears that once had you slow down or stop are still around you. Once fear is kicked out keep him out. Don’t give him any room to come in. Don’t give up in the process. Don’t doubt the work that you are done. There is a blessing in the pressing. Have faith that you will make it through. Don’t allow the former things to be a stumbling block causing you to fall and not get up. Instead, allow the liberty that you have in Christ to springboard your forward.
 Below is one of my favorite quotes. I have been saying this for years. 

March, we will be moving forward. See ya next month. 

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