Quarterly Recap

   The month of March ends in just a few days. We made it through the Winter and Spring is at hand. Goodbye coats, gloves and hats.No more snow and shovelling out.Hello, Spring showers and flowers and long warm days.

 If you are a Christian, you know we are in the holiness week of the year.  Last Sunday was Palm Sunday, Friday is Good Friday and Sunday coming is Easter. With, all of this going on  March has been a busy month. The saying for   March has been  it  will either come  as a lamb and leave out like a lion or vice versa. March for me has been a lion all month long. I need a break. As we  go into the second quarter of the year, I would like to do a recap of the first quarter of My Crazy Is Real.

I blogged in January and it has been a joy. I find that I am excited about every post and I pray that they are helping you. Each month has a theme word. January stood for joy.  Joy must be a part of our lives.  Jesus is your Judgement Free Zone. That should bring us joy. The love of God that turns our woes into joy. I am still wondering if you were a joy seeker, a joy chaser or in joy. 

In February I blog about fear and freedom. We can never be free if we walk in fear. Fear can be a purpose killer or a liberator. Fear does not have to keep us paralyzed but we can and should walk free in the liberty we have in Christ.  We can free ourselves by learning to give it all to Jesus. Once  free,  say goodbye to fear and hello freedom.

March we started moving forward. With purpose in mind, nothing will stop us. Some of us are ready to soar. As eagles, we are flying high. You may want everyone to come but that is not possible. Some of us are chickens. Chickens have to stay on the ground because they have the groundwork to do. Moving forward is difficult if  we are looking behind at what was. We need a strong foundation. I blog about the ABC’s of moving forward. If your foundation is weak or unstable, you will fail. When we are on solid ground, we can walk tall and strong.

The month of April will stand for Acceptance.  I will go deeper into knowing yourself and learning to accept yourself. We are going higher my sisters. I hope you are ready for it.

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