Pain Will Make You Careless

In this weekly blog, I would like to talk about pain and carelessness. They go hand and hand.  Friends they are. Let me give you an example. Think about when you stump your pinky toe on a wall or something. When that pain hits your body you can hardly stand. You will jump around or almost fall over.  Throbbing in pain you start to yell and scream or maybe even cussing because it hurts so bad.  That is what I mean by being careless. The pain will put you in a postilion where you will stumble out of pure agony. That sudden aching in your body will cause a chain reaction that makes you either scream out or kneel down.

The word careless meansnot giving sufficient attention or thought to avoid harm or errors. If you don’t know let me tell you that I have written a book about careless relationships entitled ” Know your Crazy Accept your Crazy’.  In this book, I address the issues of relationships that have left us in a state of craziness. I assist women in knowing their crazy and accepting it in order to have peace with yourselves. In the book, I talk mostly about our outside relationships but I would like to talk about the one we have with ourselves. Too often we are careless with ourselves. We will allow people to take us places we don’t need or want to go and/or do things to us that harm us in ways that sometimes we do not recover from without the healing hand of Jesus. 

When we are in pain and don’t pay attention to the matters that are affecting us we begin to become reactionary in our behavior. We develop an attitude of “I want to get them before they get me”. The old saying goes “Hurt People Hurt People”. We will scream and yell at people for things that are not their fault. We become so sensitive that it seems that everyone is looking to harm us. We judge every action, look and possible body language to see if we can find a reason to snap. This is carelessness. Everyone is not out to get you or make you feel bad. You are in pain and until you address your own issues and concerns you will continue to fight against everyone and/or yourself instead of dealing with the problem.

The carelessness that we have comes from us sitting and stewing in the “what they did to me “pot. When we don’t take responsibility for what we did or did not do to get us out of pain. Now let clarify what I am saying. I believe that anything that happens to you as a child is not your fault. You have every right to feel hurt and pain because of someone else actions toward you. That pain is real. But that pain should not and can’t control your whole life. When you have been a victim of someone else you have to learn how to become victorious and live a life of freedom. When we are adults and start doing things on our own(making an adult decision about who we are and where we want to be) then you have to be careful with your life and how you live it. 

I leave you with a story of a woman that was careless with her relationship with God. Her name was Miriam, Moses’ sister. She was a sister to the man that was to take God’s people out of the land of oppression to the land flowing with milk and honey. She was a prophetess for the All-Mighty God. Miriam had seen the blessings, miracles, and wrath of God. But at some point her relationship with God change. In chapter 12 of Genesis, she was angry that Moses as going to divorce his wife and instead of going to talk to Moses she went to her brother Aaron and criticizes Moses’ position in God. I going stop right here and say What is meant for you is for you. God anoints each one of us with the gifts that only we can handle. Miriam had no right to question, God. Be careful that you don’t become a when person. This is a person that remembers you back when and can’t grasp the new you when God appoints you. This often happens with family but friends and fellow church members can be a part of the when committee. 

Are you careless in the seven areas of your life ( Spiritual, Emotional, Verbal, Mental, Finacial Physical or Sexual?Where do you find you hurt the most?Are you willing to seek out help?Is it possible for me to help you?
If you need and want to work one on one through your journey of pain I am here for you. You can reach me at email address

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