The month of October stands for  OPPORTUNITY. Yes, I put it in capital letters because it is huge. There is so much we can do with opportunity. We can start an opportunity, be part of or end one.  Something will happen when we give an opportunity for a try.
They define the word opportunity as a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something:  This is such a powerful and important statement. There are things that will or must make something possible. That means that opportunity doesn’t just happen. There is a thought, a message, and action that brings it into being. Without that, opportunity turns into failure.

The above phrase is so true. An opportunity most of the time shows up as adversity. Think about it when an opportunity comes where were you? In pain, in a bad situation (loss of job, husband or wife) no money, battling an illness.  In the situation, something has to give. A circumstance will make you shift. You stop looking at the problem and see an opportunity. My example of this is the widow with a little oil. 

In the book of 2 Kings, chapter 4 verses 1-7 there is a story about a widow that came to the Prophet Elisha with a problem. Her husband passes leaving her and their children in debt. The creditors want her children as payment because she had nothing. He said to her what do you have in your house. She said a little oil. He told her to go get every vessel for your neighbors and not a few and then go into your house with your sons. When she went into her home, she pours the oil. When she did, it filled every vessel she had. She realizes that she still oil she told her son to get more vessel but there was no more. The next day she told the Prophet what happen, and he told her to sell the oil and pay off her debt. Opportunity.

Opportunity doesn‘t come as a “Yeah what a blessing” all the time. Sometimes it shows up as a” What is this new hell “. We have to learn to trust the message and not your eyes. Sometimes they can’t see the truth of a matter. God does not always reveal the outcome. He will see you through even when it does not look that way. The widow could have said, “You crazy I will find another way to take care of my debt”. She knows she only has a little oil in her house but she trusted in the man of God message. Her trust and action brought a miracle beyond measure and sent her into the overflow. What has God said to you your need to trust him about? That new house, job or relationship. Whatever God opportunity is for you trust the message and then work it out.

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