Merry Christmas

I just want to come on my blog to say


I hope that you are getting ready to spend some  time with family and friends via the telephone, Skype, Zoom  or some other video  chat service. Maybe you are blessed to see family in person . Either way I pray that you blessed God for the true blessings , Jesus birth.


There is not a toy, gadget, beautiful location or anything in this world that can compare to the gift of Jesus. Now we can sit around  debating  the day of his birth but we cannot deny he come on the scene and made a  change that no man or woman has being about to duplicate . He is God and come to save the world. 

I pray that you , your family and friends have a wonderful savoir day and I am hope  that you are looking forward to what God is going to do in the new year.  Expect great things to come your way because I know I am. 

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