Jumping in June

Then you will jump up from your ambush and enter the city, for the Lord will give it to you. Joshua 8:7 TLB 

The month of June will stand for jump. What do you need to jump on? We are in the six months of 2018 have you been jumping or sitting? What are you sitting on that is prolonging your destiny and purpose?  

I couldn’t find the word jump in the King James Bible but The Living Bible has plenty. The first scripture will come from one of my favorites books of the Bible, Joshua.  Joshua tells the children of Isreal that they had to jump and enter the city because the Lord has given it to them. In the King James version of this scripture, the word jump means to seize. I love that. We have to seize what the Lord has given us. Notice the Lord has given it to us but we have to jump or seize on it.

In your life, have you jumped before? Have you taken a chance on yourself and the destiny you believe God has given you? Does jumping scare you? I mean what would happen if you jumped and failed? Will you be embarrassed that people sawing you hitting the ground?  This prevents most of us from doing it, other people. Not the falling part I mean nobody wants to fail. We would be okay if we jump and fall and we were the only ones to see it.  When others are watching and judging us it takes on a different feel. Then the next time it seems impossible.

The Children of Israel had to jump. They would never get into the promised land if they stayed put. They had to seize. God would show his might in order for them to fight for power. The walls of Jericho fell by their faith in God but taken the city was by their actions to move on the word of God. They had to seize what was theirs. 

We have a promise from God.  In Jeremiah 29:11 it says  ” For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. They are plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. “ God has a plan for your life. He made it from the moment he knows you and it has not changed. You can’t alter the plans that God has for you because of fear or doubt. I know this because he says his plans s are for good and not evil.  The devil and his friends will always try to get you to doubt or even fear your destiny and purpose. He will do the “you couldn’t do that talk” and the “what will people say” scare. Don’t listen to him remember what God says he wants you to have a future and a hope. Your present is not the end keep going more is to come.

   Jump don’t fear the bottom it’s just the ground and if you hit it get up there is always tomorrow.

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