Have Mercy

*Disclaimer: Everyone’s mother doesn’t fit this mother but you have someone in your life that does *

As we are coming upon Mother’s Day I would like to ask of my sisters  a favor.  Can you have mercy on your mother? She was the superwoman of your world when you were younger. She was your total source. Your first teacher, cheerleader, supporter, protector and punisher. No matter the situation she was there for us. We were so in love with her and her word were gospel to us. We honored her then. 

Then changes happened. We had  a life apart from her. We made friends and then boyfriends and she then became your worst enemy. She went from being our  best friend to enemy number 1. When she speaks we only hear criticism not a concern. When we wanted to have fun hangout with the wrong crowd, we called her mean and a pest. I wish she would stay out of my life would come out of our mouths. We disrespect the source. 
Then life moves us away, and she is an everyday thought but no calls to her though. You know when you can call she will be there. She is excited about all the wonderful things happening in your life. The degree you earned, the new job and the new apartment that puts a greater distance between the both of you.  You are making moves she could only dream of in her day. You are self supporting not relying on noone and that makes her heart glad. 

Married with children, then you realize that woman was  a woman. Yes she was your shero when you were a kid but she was a woman. A woman that taught you to walk and talk. A woman that taught you to get up when you fell down and hug you when the hurt was too much. She was not perfect, but she was your mother. Have so mercy on her.

Life have not always been the best to her. She has fight wars you know nothing about. There has battle scar you have not and will never see. Crying, praying and fasting for you. She has been the lioness against those who would try to come for you. Did she do everything right no, but she tried? Regrets she has, disappointments she has and broken promises she made but show mercy. 
Mother’s Day is on Sunday, please take a moment to say Thank you for all she has done and hasn’t.  The rest of the year have mercy on your mom and remember life is about a turn back. You may one day be the shero to your own daughter or maybe your mother. 

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