GoodBye Fear Hello Freedom

My sisters, I decided that I would write a poem dedicated to releasing the fear in my lives and telling freedom to come on in. I hope that you enjoy. 

Goodbye Fear, Hello Freedom

Hi Fear,What’s going now, we need to talk. First let me just say that you have been a big part of my life. You have known me since I was a little girl. You have talked me through the good and bad in my life. You told me what to do and what not to do. You have guided my life even when I didn’t want you too. And because of this, I must break up with you. Please don’t act like you don’t see this coming.  I have been looking for something new and I have found it. See I have a new friend and he is offered something. He offers a life that he calls abundant. I like that idea.  He is nice to me. He does not laugh when I dream. He doesn’t scare me away from my purpose, but he pushes me toward it. He does allow the things that I don’t understand or know to keep me from growing. You held me back. You told me I can’t and couldn’t do things.

I know that you are confused at this sudden turn but let’s be honest this was coming. I see my future and it is full of blessings. If I stay with you I won’t have anything.  I will not allow you to use your scare tactic anymore.  I won’t be looking back and crying over all the “What If’s” and “Whys” of my life. No, I must move on and so do you. I’m sorry but this is not up for debate. I am done. My new friend is a man of integrity and has proved himself to me so many times I can’t count. I will be with Freedom for now on. Goodbye Fear.

Hey Freedom, I just broke up with Fear. I know I told you that we were over, but I finally made up my mind. I finally realize what you have been telling me is true. I was brought to this earth with a purpose.  I must be around people that will support that. I could not allow fear and his friends worry, regret, and shame to be around me anymore. I must move forward. My future will come with some sacrifices like my fears, my friends and some family members that will not understand the path I am taking. The purpose will be seen so enough, and they will come back around. I hope they see me free and will take the same step to free themselves. I hope that they will let go of fear and let freedom take them higher.

I fear what the future holds but I trust the plans. I have a new-found freedom and I will soar into my destiny with you right next to me. I can hear you speaking truth to me. Guiding in the wisdom of my life and give me the understanding of my inheritance. I am one of the daughters of the Kingdom of God and I have a destiny that no one can change not even me.  I will walk proud and tall in my life journey with fear in the rearview mirror and freedom in my passenger seat.  Hello, Freedom, let’s ride.

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