I am Crazy Coach Cynthia Robinson  your Self – Love Specialist.

I first would like to thank you for coming to my site.  It is an honor to have sisters coming to hang with a sister.

Now you may be asking why Crazy Coach, Cynthia?  Well as a  woman that would rage out of control at everybody about everything everyday  I have learned something. I was CRAZY. I was sitting  in the church CRAZY. I was  choir member acting  CRAZY. A minister of the gospel CRAZY. Then one day the CRAZY stopped . How you  may be asking. I accepted the gift.

My vision is to see all women of God accept the gift completely that  God has offered  . You have to be willing to let go  of past hurts that keep you reliving  Careless Relationships that Affect  Zealous You. Jesus says it best The thief comes not, but for to steal , and to kill and to destroy : I come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10 

   The question is ,What do YOU want? Things constantly  being stealing from you , being killed  or destroyed daily by the thief  or a life of abundances (freedom, peace, and  joy)  through Jesus. I hope you pick  the later because I want  that for you too.

    If this is you, can I help you?  As a recovering rageaholic   I know the road ahead of you  can be difficult . There are patterns that need to be broken, triggers that need to identified and  peace that needs to be accepted.

I hope that you will entrust me to walk with you through your journey from C.R.A.Z.Y to PEACE.  I have  learned various ways to make this happen. I  will be using  my blogs, books, Facebook Live and You Tube videos to walk with you . I will also be starting a membership only group  called The Proverb Women .  We will be starting in January 2021  so get ready my sisters. This group will be for women that need and want to get pass the surface and dig deeper into their CRAZY  to free themselves to a life in peace and purpose.

P.S – Just in case you don’t think you are CRAZY. The Merriam-Webster dictionary define crazy as full of flaws and cracks. If you are flawless and do not have any cracks (concerns and /or issues about your life) please feel free to  leave this website because you are perfect.

But for the rest of us if you are ready keep reading .

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I share practical, some times comical, snippets of life and lessons we can all use to embrace our inner crazy and get back to loving our authentic selves