Fear, The Purpose Killer or Liberator

The month of February will represent FEAR/FREEDOM. These two words represent either you have stopped or you are moving forward. Fear will always stop you.Freedom will always move you . Fear comes from a place of being scared of the unknown and not wanting to know what the outcome will be. When we are fearful  we look like the little girl in the picture below.

    We can’t walk around like this and expect to go far. The truth of the matter is that most of us are walking around with our hands over our eyes and expecting to get through life not seeing what is going on around us. 

  We are  fearful of so many things. We fear enlightenment. We are fearful of growth. We fear the plans that God has for our lives. We fear his plans will take us to  places we don’t want to go. We fear will have to engage with people that we don’t know and that scares us to death. With all this fear how will freedom come. We have to get pass fear and be set free.

   We have to begin to walk in freedom. Freedom is not easy. Freedom requires us to do something that doesn’t come naturally to us.  Freedom requires trusting (rely on ,depend on) God. We have to trust that  God will  see us through our lives journey. Jesus said he would send the Comforter to guide us.  We must trust the Holy Spirit will direct us through our fearful situations. A good  example of a  fearless woman in  the Bible is  Queen Esther.

   Queen Esther saved her people from a impeding death.  Her story takes place in Babylon when the children of Israel are taken captive.  Esther was a young girl living with her Uncle Mordecai.

  There came a time when King Ahasuerus sent out a decree looking for a new queen. Mordecai sent Esther in for the running and  she won. She was the new Queen and soon she would be required to help her people. She had won the favour of the king and it would work for her good later. 

   There was a plan hatched to kill the Jewish people. Mordecai got word to the Queen asking for her help in the matter. Queen Esther was in a pickle. She was newly appointed to this position and now she is being asked to save the Jewish people, her people. In order to make this happen, she had to get before the King. The problem with that  was there were certain times you can meet with the King.  If you went before the King without permission you were to be killed unless he raised his scepter toward you. What was Queen Esther to do? She did the FEAR steps .

1.Face it– Queen Esther had no choice. She had to face the fact that someone was trying to kill the Jewish people and in her position, she had to stop them. Esther was about to face either her death or delivering her people. Read Esther Chapter 3

2. Explore it- Queen Esther explored what to do. She declared a time of fasting and praying.  She called for all of the Jewish people to  fast and pray  for three days. She also required this from her immediate circle. She was going before God and needed everyone to be on one accord so she could hear what she needed to be do or not do. Esther 4:15-17

3. Accept it- Queen Esther had to accept the answer God was going to give. She couldn’t allow fear to grip her but turn that fear into freedom. The freedom to know that her God answers the  prayers of his saints.Esther 4:16

4. Respond– The response was to go and take an audience before the King without an appointment. She knows this might mean her death but it was a chance she was willing to take.She put on her royal apparel and made her way to the court. She is shown flavour and is allowed to speak to the King. Long story short the Jewish people were saved. Esther Chapter  5
When we trust God in spite of the circumstances God will respond to our prayers. The steps of FEAR brings FREEDOM.Ester walked freely into the Kings court because no matter the outcome she had left her fear back in her chamber.

Where is your fear right now?Are you frighten because of financial woes?Are you fearful that your marriage is going to end in divorce?Are your children lost to this world and you are afraid of the next call to your home?Has your health or mental state left you wondering where  God is?My sister’s don’t let fear keep you up guessing or wondering what to do. Trust  he is right there with you moving the monsters out of your way.Move your hands away from your eyes and face it. Explore where he wants to take you. Accept the outcome because a blessing is in it. Respond with praise and worship that our God is great than anything.

Fear is an enemy of yours, so stop being his friend.

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