Do Your Ground Work

The last blog I talked about moving forward. I was referring the eagle and soaring as us completing our purposes. My last thought was if you are a chicken there was groundwork to do. To do any work in the kingdom, we must know our position. Without that knowledge failure is definite. 

Once you ask God what it is, you are to do, and he tells you, now you can begin your work. Your groundwork is the daily preparation you do to get ready for our purpose.  To do work, you first must be grounded in the word of God. 

How can you say you represent him and you don’t know him? 

The word of God has to become your source of everything. No word no power. The devil and his minions will beat you down if you don’t have the power of a word. That power is the word of God backed up with the Holy Spirit. Don’t believe go read in Acts 1:13-17 about the sevens sons of Sceva. Power of the word is deliverance and victory. You will not be about to succeed in your position with power and pray.

Please do not take prayer lightly. Prayer establishes of your faith. Reach heaven for yourself. Your prayer life has to be just as important as the word. Prayer is your gateway to God and his way of asking you. Jesus was clear on what we need to do. In, Matthew 7:7-8 he says. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.”Jesus did not tell us to call the Pastor or the head of the intercessory ministry, no you ask. 

Once the word is in use, you can walk out your purpose. Now to walk in purpose is not always calling attention to it or tell anyone. Most of the time it is you learning what your purpose is. Learn what is and what is not for you. Everyone calling on the name of Jesus doesn’t need or should be apart from your purpose. You will learn what works for you. Trust the process. Seek the guiding voice of God. The process will not be quick. Grow into it. No one in the Bible grown and walked purpose in a day. It takes time. Sometimes it less than a year. Others it can take many years. I mean like at David. He was anointed to be king at 13 but did not become King until he was  33. Don’t rush. Stay in the process, learn from the process and grow through the process learn.

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