Coulda, Shoulda and Woulda Will Kill You

Have you jumped yet? Have you pushed yourself to move forward? Still sitting? Looking at what could have been? Won’t move because you think nothing ever good comes your way? Will let me say STOP IT? Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda will get you killed.

These three words will kill your destiny, dreams, and hopes. They are the roadblocks to all that God has for you. Constant killers and will make you regret every think you could do anything. Lot’s wife is a perfect example. Looking at these roadblocks in the face killed her. 

These killer words will make you think things coulda been better. That you shoulda went in a different direction or woulda did things differently. Lies, I tell you lies. This is the way to stale your progress or stop it. Lot’s wife looked back and what happened?

It defines Coulda, Shoulda, and as An expression of dismissiveness or disappointment concerning a statement, question, explanation, course of action, or occurrence involving hypothetical possibilities, uncertain facts, or missed opportunities. That is a mouth full, but the truth is we sit around killing yourself on the if factor.  When the thoughts come and they will about lost possibilities, missed opportunities in your life you can look at them but don’t stare. Don’t get hung up on what wronged, the words you did not say or maybe the words you said. Be clear you will make a mistake but don’t stay in the mistakes. Learn from it, grow in it and move forward from it. 

Lot’s wife felt she was leaving something behind she needed. God had sent angels to get her family out of harm’s way. Whether she knows it, she was saying to God that he was not intelligent enough to know to what she was leaving behind. I mean she looked back as if they left behind her husband or daughters. They were with her so want else did she need. I mean God sent angels as her own personal army and that was not enough. We think we are leaving something when we are going into something better.  Don’t look back because you will need to explain yourself later to God.

Coulda, shoulda and woulda are the enemies to your dreams hopes and your life. Don’t give into them because if you do it will stop you dead in your tracks.

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