August is for Accountability

   August will stand for accountability. We all have someone or something we are accountable for. Accountable to our parents to follow the rules of the home or there are consequences that will follow. Our teachers for the homework assignments they give us to expand our learning. Managers or us as the manager that others or accountable to for work assignments and daily tasks that help in making a job flow easier for everyone.

   No matter the areas of life you are in accountable will always be there. You will not get through this life without being responsible for your actions or inactions.  Responsible is a hard pill to swallow for some people. They don’t want to do it and will do everything to avoid it. The sad thing about it being responsible is a daily task. Whether it is to yourself, husband, children, parents, or a job life is full of responsibilities.

   The first self-action we took on was walking. Some adult took the time to get us up and going. They placed us walking in walkers,  we walked on their feet and then we were standing but not moving. They called us and we thought about it and then sat down. Daily they called us and we would look at them but wouldn’t move. Then one day we took the plunge we move one foot in forth of the other and as the song goes and the next thing we were walking across the floor. We become responsible for where we want to go. We became accountable for where our feet took us even in areas they not supposed to go. 

   Life continues to be that way. We are accountable for everywhere we go and everything we do. We can’t pretend that if we don’t act it will go away. No that’s not how it works. We all have work to do and just because you may feel you can’t or you don’t want to changes the work you have to do.

Romans 11:29  says “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” That means you can use your gifts and call if you want to or not. Everyone has them how you use them is up to you. Now you may say will I choose not to what’s the big deal I mean if everyone has them I need not use mine. That might be Okay if we all needed the gifts and calling given. The gifts are given for a reason and for a season. If you don’t use them they will either stagnant someone gifts or stop someones calling. Do you want that on your plate when you get to heaven? I plan to go there free. Everything God gives me to do I want to do it so I can stand before him free. I want him to say “Well done my good and faithful servant come on in.” I don’t’ want God to say that I left work undone. I hope that is not what God will have to say to you.

Today take a moment and see where you have some work undone. 
Do you have a call/or calls to make? 
An email you need to send out? 
A class you need to teach? 
A loved one you need you to hug? 
Thanking God just because he is God?

Whatever it is you are going to be held accountable for it. Make it a friendly exchange and not a hostile.

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