Approval Not Required

As the month of August ends, I want to put a thought in your mind. There is only one person approval you need, and that is God’s. He knows what you are this earth to do and the plan for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). The plan is not up for debate. You will accomplish what God has set before you. You may like the plan or not. We spend too much energy trying to figure out how the plan will work. We will tell others (family, friends and even an enemy) what God has told us.  Most will seem happy for us and pray that everything we believe works out. Someone will tell us we need to rethink the plan because it does not seem right for us. Others will flat out say “You are crazy God did not talk to you, are you, Jesus, now” The approval of others isn’t required to complete the plan. There are three types of people that will be in our lives and watch our assignment. I want to know them and what they bring to the table to help you complete your plan.

The Frenemies The frenemies are the friend that will turn into an enemy when you do not do what they want you to. Their hearts are in the right place at first but somehow they get turned around. A perfect example is Job, Job at the worse time in his life had three friends to come and console him. They came to speak to him about his calamity and then things took a turn for the worse, They accuse him of being proud full and that is why God was punishing him. They did not realize this was a part of God plan.Everybody will not understand why you are going through the things you are going through, Gods plan don’t always look like God’s plan. Sometimes it looks like a failure (Children of Isreal at the Red Sea)but God is always there to rescue us. Job’s friends could not see the plan nor know the outcome. When your friends turn into enemies pray for them and let God do the rest. The blessing is in your prayer. When Job prayed for his frenemies God gave him a double portion (Job 42:10). Your frenemies are your double portion bringers.

Family Love
Our families are the backbone for us as we start on the plan from God. They will encourage us, pray for and with us. They will even support us (with money) when asked. This is great but when family members belittle us or the mission we are on, it can hurt us to our core. Moses siblings did just that.  Miriam and Aaron, were angry with Moses because him married an Ethiopian woman and complained about Moses calling. They called into question were they, not prophets. Well, God heard this and called them out of the tabernacle and settled the matter. In Numbers 12: 6-9 God lets them know that he talks to Moses’ mouth to mouth and no one should speak against his servant. God then plague Miriam with leprosy. Moses cried out for the Lord to heal her and he did in 7 days. Sometimes family has to watch what the say because they can bring a plague upon the house.

Church Folks
This one is important because everyone that claim Jesus will not be with you. Some will support and others will denounce your calling. They will see you grow in the church (Spiritually) and like you want to be more active but don’t want you to be too active. You better not want more time with the Pastor or Minister. Don’t teach Bible study or start a help ministry in the church. The church folk will try to call your past into your present. They did Jesus this way. When the son of God comes home to minister to his fellow neighbors, they not received him. Matthew 13: 56-58 they do not believe in Jesus because he grows up with them They know his family and so they could see the blessing in him.  He did not do many mighty works because of their unbelief. Everybody will not believe in you. They will see your When before they see yours now. 

  Most of us are so busy trying to please others and get them to like us we forget the only approval required is God’s.

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