Acceptance vs Tolerance, How you living?

    The month of April we will go deeper into the life we desire. In order for this to accord, we will need to address issues. I wrote a book entitled “Know Your Crazy, Accept Your Crazy”. This book is my personal craziness. As self-claimed ex-rageaholic, I would get angry at anyone and everything.  Raging at everyone that got in my way. My behaviour may have been tolerated by people but not accepted.

Tolerance is not a way of life 

  Tolerance means as the ability or willingness to tolerate something, in particular, the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.  Tolerance should not be the way we live our lives. Tolerating people opinions can lead to problems that will have lifelong implications. If you don’t pay attention, you will live intolerance for years with no end and no peace in sight. I have a story about tolerance. This is what tolerance looks like we don’t listen to common sense. 

  There was a young man that lived in my neighbourhood. He would hang out on the corner day after day. He was about 16 years old and not in school. One day a few of his friends and him decided they would steal from the corner store. What they did not know was that the store owner had a gun and was not afraid to use it. The young man got shot in the calf part of his leg. Instead of going to the hospital he listened to his friends that told him to go home. They said if he went to the hospital he would have to explain the gunshot. He went home and put bandages on the wound. He never went to the doctor. 

After a while, he walked with a limp. He lost movement in the lower part of his leg. He got to where he couldn’t run anymore. A year later this young man lost his lower right leg. The nerves and muscles in his leg got infected by the year of neglect. The calf can’t be restored. His leg had succumbed to gangrene. He is now in a wheelchair. This is what tolerance looks like, Open wounds.

Acceptance is a better way

  The word acceptance means as the action of consenting to receive or undertake something offered. This The young man’s life would be different if he lived in acceptance. If he hadn’t tried to steal from the store, he would still have his leg. If he had gone to the hospital instead of listening to his friends. If he didn’t tolerate the pain from the gunshot. If he had told his family members. His life is now a bunch of want ifs. One different action would change his outcome.

  Acceptance requires us to decide. It requires knowledge of the direction we wish to go. We can’t and shouldn’t be walking around with open wounds from past hurts. Our a Physician that is capable of healing us. He came to give life, and that life is to be lived abundantly. Wounds are not a part of that. We must move away from tolerance and begin the journey to acceptance. 

Start the journey 

  This journey will require soul-searching. You will need to take a long look at your life and see the areas where you are tolerating.  

1.Is your life right now free from depression and anxiety or the direct opposite?

2.Do you feel like everyone is living their dream life and you are just suffering through yours?

If that is you then you need to reevaluate your life. 

1.What issues are open wounds that need immediate attention? 

2.Can you find help or do you need help?

3.Do you a family member or friend that will not judge but help you push through no matter what you say?

  I’m asking you my sisters and brother’s to stop tolerating wounds as badges of honour and start getting them closed up.God doesn’t require war wounds in order to get into the kingdom so stop having them, Acceptance has to be your goal. Get ready to move things around. Expect change. Once you begin to accept things as they really are some people will not want to be around you. That is fine. Get to know new people that will advance your life for the better. Once you start down the path of acceptance you will feel better and be better for yourself and everyone else around you.

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