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Some may know me as Pastor Cynthia Robinson. Others know me as Crazy Coach Cynthia. But I hope you all know me as child of God.

Meet Cynthia Robinson – Cynthia Robinson is a Amazon award winning bestselling author. She is a highly regarded motivational speaker and Pastor. Her mission is to help women emerge from careless relationships and create careful boundaries and standard that will assist them on their journey.

She is constantly seeking God’s direction on how to lead others towards an abundant relationship with the godhead.

She preaches and teaches that Jesus is the only answers, Salvation is a yours if you accept the gift and that all of our crazy is real.

Last words Love yourself because that is what Jesus said.

“If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Anonymous

Are you unsure of how loving yourself looks to you? Book a complimentary call with Coach Cynthia. She will help you develop a blueprint on achieving self-love .

P.S – Just in case you don’t think you are CRAZY. The Merriam-Webster dictionary define crazy as full of flaws and cracks. If you are flawless and do not have any cracks (concerns and /or issues about your life) please feel free to leave this website because you are perfect. But for the rest of us if you are ready keep reading .


I share practical, some times comical, snippets of life and lessons we can all use to embrace our inner crazy and get back to loving our authentic selves

I have the pleasure of knowing this amazing coach and motivational speaker, Cynthia Robinson. Cynthia Robinson, is a dynamic author who books are inspirational and motivating for women to move forward with courage in their life. One of her books, ‘I Am Leah’, help me to identify ” “Who I Am” with confidence.

I will highly recommend Cynthia Robinson to be one of your speakers at the S.P.E.A.K. Women’s Event.


Coach Cynthia Robinson is a phenomenal coach, speaker, and workshop presenter. She is informed, bold, confident, professional and precise in her presentations. She is a blessing to every platform that she is a part of. She is a serious speaker who takes her assignment to heart and endeavors to change lives for the better every time that she speaks. She is professional, humble, easy to work with, and prompt. She is a powerful, lively, and effective speaker.

Coach Cynthia spoke at my women’s conference in October of this year, and she did an excellent job. She arrived early and was prepared for her assignment. She stuck to our theme of Walking In Kingdom Purpose as she presented a workshop on self-esteem, confidence and purpose. We were truly blessed by her presentation “Kingdom Purpose For The Total Woman.” Her interactive workshop engaged the attendees and caused us to think about how we see and conduct ourselves. This workshop was also pivotal in getting women to see their true value as royalty.

I received rave reviews of her presentation from the women who attended my conference. They were encouraged and empowered by Cynthia to walk and live as the queens that they are.

I would definitely invite her to come and speak again, and I highly recommend her for your upcoming conference. You will not be disappointed.

Rebecca Simmons, Pastor

New Creation Christian Ministries

Cynthia and I have worked together on and off since 2009, when we first met. Our work has included speaking at several conferences together as well as conducting workshops and attending workshops on topics of women success, health, empowerment, and wholeness. Cynthia is a dynamic leader and speaker that has the ability to transform the lives of her audiences with her “keep it real” style and her skills for communicating points, facts and stories that move the hearts of her listeners.

Cynthia is dedicated and committed to the life transformation of people who struggle with knowing and accepting their awesomeness, power, and greatness. She is a dynamic author, of several books, a leader both in the church and in the marketplace, and woman who knows how to get others to see their own gifts, talents, and uniqueness.

Having Coach Cynthia at your event will leave your audience begging for more! She’s funny, articulate, intelligent, and humble. Once you meet her and experience her speaking ability, you will know exactly why I love working with Cynthia Robinson and recommend her for your event.     

It is without reservation that I recommend Coach Cynthia Robinson be selected to serve as a speaker for your Women’s event in 2019.


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